Runnin’ heals

High heels are no walk in the park even for ladies. There are those that are able to walk in them as though on flat shoes and those that are not able to walk in them at all. Other ladies have a heart for them and walk around trembling, no earthquake, just them trembling by themselves.

The battle between men, women and equality is swirling around and this time the scales were tipped towards the men. They weren’t competing against the women but supporting a cause that mostly concerns women, breast cancer. The disease appears too difficult to cure and keeps taking the lives of many women and mothers all over the world thus calling for attention to all those willing to listen, whether in homes, schools, workplaces, countries and continents.

Diacore Gaborone Marathon this year joined the global cause of raising awareness on Breast Cancer together with the Journey of Hope foundation, Botswana. The 2019 edition of the country’s most popular race introduced a 400m race at the Grand Palm where men ran in 3 inch heels and tutu skirts. It is no common sight to see men even walk in heels let alone run but the Diacore Gaborone Marathon showed us exactly that. The men ran and proved that it is possible.

One of the country’s most prestigious safari camp operators, Wilderness Safaris, sponsored the 1st prize with an experience voucher and Diacore Gaborone Marathon gave out P 3 000.00 and P 2 000.00 for the 2nd and 3rd prize.  If we didn’t know now we know.