The right CV

The year has begun and many have been waiting for a time such as this. The December festivities have been fun and bonding time with family maximized. As we head back to our respective localities many are geared up to step up their careers and the first start is to have the paperwork ready.

BW Jobs 4 Graduates, a local NGO aimed at Changing Lives and Giving Hope started off the year with their weekly Tuesday empowerment sessions wherein they share tips on career advancement. This past Tuesday, the NGO held their first session of 2020 under the theme, “Getting started on Job Hunting” and multitudes flocked in.

Leading the session was local HR Consultant, Ms. Boyang Mafahothe who boasts experience in the HR field as a consultant, even to large companies. She broke down to the attendants the key things to outline in their CVs and application letters. The first key thing she outlined regarding an applicant’s CV is that there is no “one size fits all” CV, every CV needs to be tailored to the job applied for. This is however not to say people should misrepresent themselves on their CVs to fit the job as that would be fraud, but that they highlight the most relevant skills and experience they possess.

Boyang also mentioned the importance of the reference section amongst other things that applicants need to consider. The reference section, she said, needs to be updated regularly too, not by bringing in new referees but by updating your existing referees on your recent achievements that they be ready and abreast with your development in order to speak well for you should they be contacted by your potential employers. Further to referees, she said it is important to not only have high ranking people in this section as they could be difficult to reach, rather, a mix of low and high ranking professionals is ideal.