Permanent healing for Mass Hysteria victims!

Earlier this year, a local junior secondary school experienced an outbreak of a strange pandemic which threw the whole nation into state of alarm - students walking in a strange manner, displaying disjointed movement. Things escalated so quickly, it became a national crisis.

Following the vast publication of this epidemic, the man of God took the matter before God Almighty. Deliverance was the message he had for the public. In his prophetic message, he encouraged the affected to approach a Living Church for solution.

The very following Sunday, a woman came to the Gospel of God’s Grace Ministries and in her company, was a young girl, who at first glance, appeared to be normal, until she stood up and began to walk. With each step that she took, it became evident that she was one of the victims of the affliction which medics had termed as ‘mass hysteria’. Her knees jerked uncontrollably, her movements were convulsed which made it difficult for her to walk properly.

The young girl was brought into the church for prayer and on the same day, a school mate of hers was also awaiting prayers from the man of God. According to them, one of these students hit a table with her right knee and in reflex, she held onto the shoulder of another girl for support. That particular girl began convulsing and she moved to hold onto two (2) other girls. Before long, she was also displaying incoherent movements and soon after, the school started recording large numbers of students affected by the scourge.

Medics could not solve this mystery and discharged most students with no apparent solution in place. However, hope was rekindled when these two girls met Christ Jesus through His servant Prophet Cedric. The servant of God prayed for them and deliverance took place. Since that powerful encounter a week ago, the young girls have been restored to good health and today, they attended the service and gave a wonderful testimony detailing their journey with the scourge up to the powerful deliverance they underwent and the healing they now possess. Clearly, Jesus Christ is the Answer to life’s most confounding and mysterious situations.

Photo Cred and Article by: Gospel of God's Grace Ministries (FB)