Both the young and old have somethings they share, things they look forward to and amongst those are “holidays”.

Every year ahs holidays, some national, international and other religious. The school going child and working adult both enjoy these and always look forward to them. They are a time of resting and catching up with personal projects as one isn’t tied up to work. The students use it for catching up with revision material or just outright playing all day as they like. Traditionally, these are times where farmers visit their lands and cattle posts to check on their crops and livestock.

For those without projects, we sometimes travel to go visit our families and relatives who stay far from where we do, usually at the villages. We use this time to catch up with them and just enjoy their company. At the end it turns out to be a relaxing and refreshing time during holidays but that has changed a lot since Covid-19 hit the world. Those that are tourists and enjoy travelling haven’t been able to do that. The party animals have also been denied that and it’s a pandemic upon another.

We took to the polls as we wondered if there were anu people that looked forward to the Easter holidays. Usually, people go for events like the Mascom Derby and the Church goers have their religious events as well. The government tightened the travel restrictions to control the spread of the pandemic and this definitely messed up a lot of or plans. The results of our poll came out balanced, with 50% of our respondents saying they were looking forward to the holidays while the other 50% weren’t.

What did you get up to? Did the usual get disrupted?