Our Wilderness Safaris

“My Pride, Your Destination is our tag line on all things tourism. Yes, we’ve got it and oh are we proud of it!

This year we get to shine our flag high once more all thanks to one of our local safari resort companies, Wilderness Safari. Yes, a lot of Batswana haven’t been to the Okavango Delta to properly appreciate what the place is like but form pictures and reports across media we have seen how beautiful it is up there.

Wilderness Safaris is one of our prestigious safari service providers in the area and don’t only operate in Botswana. They offer a full on service ro give you, even locally, the best there is in the wilderness. The experience of wildlife and the delta all around becomes unlike any other one would have thought of. You get to dine in places you may have thought inaccessible. You get to lodge in places one might have thought inhabitable.

All their great work is getting recognition the world over. Their camps across Southern Africa are raising their name and that of the countries they operate in higher than ever. They have camps in Botswana, obviously, in South Africa, Namibia and all the way up to Rwanda! Of all their camps, 4 of those have made the Top 25 selection of the highest ranking resorts in Africa.

The Bisate Lodge comes out #3 on the list and it found in Rwanda. The Vumbura Plains alongside Mombo and Little Mombo are also a part of the list with one being #12 and the others #14. Last, but certainly not least is Hoanib Skeleton Cost Camp in Namibia at #25! Wow, to have one of our own so recognized is a blessing and we stand behind them all the way to the top.