Ostriches take it again!

The Mascom Top8 is a local wonder. Of the many football tournaments in the country it is by far the best. The caliber of teams that play in the Mascom Top8 is of the highest level and the followership of the same teams very large.

The 9th season came to an end this past weekend when the ever popular Township Rollers and 2 times champions of the tournament went against the 1 time champions Orapa United. The duo clashed at the Obert Itani Chilume stadium in Francistown to fight for the number position and claim the highest prize in the land, P 1.4 million.

The match began with Township Rollers exerting a lot of pressure on the Orapa United defence but no goals. Orapa United quickly turned the tables and scored a goal at the 33minute where after Township Rollers countered at the 39th minute with a goal of their own, closing off the first half with a draw. The match went on until extra time with no goals conceded by either team until penalty shoot outs.

Orapa United scored 4 out of 5 penalties wile Township rollers only scored 3 goals handing over the trophy to the Ostriches making them 2 time champions as well.