Mr & Miss Albinism closing the stigma gap

This past weekend, we witnessed the crowning of Mr and Miss Albinism. A pageant that aims to sensitize people on albinism and celebrate the beauty and talent of people living with albinism. 

The pageant was established in 2017 but had it's first leg in 2018 with 8 girls contestants and 5 male models.  This year we saw the pagent grow in contestant numbers with, 7 male contestants and 9 ladies contestants.  This year's theme,  ''Beauty that closes the stigma gap'' strives to break societal beliefs of beauty standards that are imposed on us as we grow up and even in our adult life. Understanding that beauty isn't a óne size fits all'remedy is one the most powerful ways to empower young girls and boys. By raising children who understand that beauty comes in all shapes, colors and sizes; we are moving closer to building a more tolerant and inclusive community. The contestants were in the first and second year on a Boot camp that comes as a tool to prepare them for the outside world and prepare them for leadership. This is all in efforts to help them overcome bad past experiences and ensure that they live to their lives to their fullest potential. The king and queen are scheduled for a tougher competition in Zimbabwe later this year at the Mr & Miss Albinism Africa and should they win they will further compete at Mr & Miss Albinism world Universe in 2020.


The winners are as follows Queen Magadi Dichauto

1st Princess-Poyeya Moyowa

2nd Princess - Laone Baile


King Tumisi Motladiile

1st Prince Kabo Balotlhanyi

2nd Prince Ace Mosimanegape Baeti


Mr Personality- Letlotlo Moshoeshoe

Miss Personality- Mpho Nonoka


Congratulations to all the winners! Let us all strive to be more tolerant and embrace beauty in all its different stripes.