Mjamaica’s got talent!

 Refilwe Thabang Ramokate aka Mjamaica is a local sensation in our entertainment industry. He’s been doing his craft for some time now and definitely getting better at it. His jokes and comedy skits are laugh out loud foundations and on a boring day, his page is one of those to visit.

Of recent he has evolved significantly as a brand and has ventured into merchandising with some very high quality clothing with the brand name Mjamaica. The t-shirts, golfers, and track suits are as good as they come these days and support for him must be overwhelming. Botswana has ove the past years grown closer and neglect for one another is slowly dwindling. Initiatives such as Buy Botswana and PushaBW have gained track and this all good.

Alongside his comedy and clothing line, Mjamaica has since entered the ever talented music industry which has been dominated by names like Vee, Charma Gal, Han C, ATI and William. Their talent has certainly been inspirational to Mjamaica and he has since this year been featured in a sing with some of these big names. The song by FME DJs – Pelo, featured ATI, Han C and Mjamaica and his talent was nowhere less than the trio’s.

When asked if he was venturing into music, the humble Mjamaica said he was exploring his talent and enjoys his work as an entertainer, not a musician. A re “ke go kopile lesedi wa mpha lefifi”, pelo yame e ya kiba kiba, tota ke tla ratwa ke mang?! Well done Mjamaica, you’ve got talent!

Photo by: Mjamaica - FB