The medicine man

This week, Voice Money caught up with Botswana Medicines Regulatory Authority (BOMRA) CEO Dr Stephen Ghanie to get a better understanding of the authority that was formed in 2013 but is not yet fully operational.

Q. When was BOMRA established?

A. Botswana Medicines Regulatory Authority was formed in 2013 through an Act of Parliament called the Medicines and Related Substances Act, but operationally we started in January this year.

It started as single person, as I was appointed in December last year as the CEO – so I was actually the first employee!

Between January and now we have been busy with the process of recruitment and basically setting up the Authority.

We have moved into a new office in Kgale Mews and at the moment we are getting closer to finalising the recruitment process.

We believe that by January 2019 the Authority will be fully operational.

Q. Kindly explain BOMRA’s mandate.

A. The mandate of BOMRA is to regulate the supply chain of medicines, including medical devices and cosmetics.


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