Mazda celebrates International Women’s Month

Mazda has grown locally and internationally significantly over the past years and continues to soar higher, winning over car lovers with their new models. The Japanese brand has a sizeable range of cars that look so good and so feature packed it gives the more “premium” brands a run for their price tags.

Barloworld Motors, the local franchise owner of Mazda has both a new and used car sales section for the growing brand, which celebrated the International Women’s Month of March in the last days of the month. Mazda, with it’s classy and modern looking fleet invited women from all social sphere of life to indulge them in an evening of class and VIP treatment all while enjoying their offering.

Mazda, had a full program set for the evening, short and informative all in an effort to empower lady drives within their cars and on the roads they drive in. Mazda, together with Barloworld Marketing had a line of activities lined up with informative and practical sessions each for their guests. When asked why they took up such an initiative, Barloworld Marketing Manager, Tuduetso Oletile said “we’d like to empower the lady driver this women’s month through our Mazda brand and make sure that they are in full control of their driving space including the car”.

Mazda’s Sales Manager, Mrs. Shannon Corentin together with her team had invited a few of their key stakeholders to also come in and share knowledge with their soon to be Mazda drivers. Silverton Radiators, the local distributor and installer of Auto Armor window protective film were amongst those invited to demonstrate the importance of their product as a safety measure to cars. They brought in two car windows, one with their Auto Armour protection and another with ordinary car tint. The Auto Armour film was able to keep the window intact unlike the other film, a feature that is said to give enough time for one to drive off from an attack incident to safety or eve a Police station.

Hollard Insurance, Mobi Spa and Lengau Wines were some of those invited to make the event a 5 star experience as is Mazda’s offering. Mazda is a brand to look out for and Barloworld Motors is out to make sure you do.