Mascom Upskills Kitsong Centres

For twenty years Mascom has been working in the forefront of the telecommunications industry, advocating for change and connecting Batswana to the knowledge, experience, and resources they need to help people build better lives. Ladies and gentleman, In 2009 Mascom partnered with Botswana Government to rollout 41 Kitsong Centres in 41 villages through the Nteletsa II Rural Telecommunications Development Project. In view of the success of the project, Mascom made a commitment to continue improving the lives of young people by establishing 69 more centres around Botswana making a total of 110 Kitsong Centres around Botswana.

These centres are at the core of our social investment programme, this is our response to the need to transform small villages into knowledge based economies. The operators are trained and equipped by Mascom with the relevant skills to operate the centres as their own businesses and serve as an ICT Hub for small villages. The centres provide services such as email and internet, computer training, Mascom services (Mobile money, airtime, simcards) and other services thus providing an enabling environment for the community to access the digital world. 

Todays event is to launch a workshop that will be held from the 4th to the 6th July 2018. The workshop is meant to enhance the relationship between Mascom and the Mascom Kitsong Centre operators. The workshop Platform will provide an opportunity for the operators to share ideas, motivate others and for Mascom to do a refresher training on Mascom products and services. The workshop aims to empower and upskill Kitsong Centre Operators and will include Basic financial management exposure delivered by stakeholders in the Financial Sector. Additionally, we will also give an opportunity to captains of industry to present business opportunities that are available for these entrepreneurs.