Mascom Restores Girls' Dignity

Leading telco-company Mascom Wireless has been in the forefront in the betterment of communities across the country through supporting sports, the arts and vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. In celebration of their 20 year anniversary, staff at Mascom came up with various initiatives that they would be implementing during the course of the year that would assist the communities that they live in. One of these initiatives is the sanitary pad drive led by senior network engineer Metseatsile Lesogo and Maureen Trennepohl. There have been bountiful discussions around the need to provide sanitary pads for free to girls in schools as some girls face devastating economic and financial challenges that affect their ability to have access to a basic need such a sanitary pads.

Masunga Senior Secondary School was one of the beneficiaries identified through the sanitary pad drive and aims to restore the dignity of the girls and ensure that their basic hygienic needs are met. Mascom highlights the objectives of this initiative as follows:

1. We aim to RAISE HEALTHY WOMEN; because lack of sanitary pads can lead to using unhygienic items that can affect your health.

2. We hope that this contribution will come as a form of EMPOWERMENT  to you as a girl child 

3. To help improve your interactions with your peers in school; and that you won’t have to be tense during menstrual circles thinking you would have stained your uniform or otherwise.

4. To help Improve your confidence that is highly needed as you grow up; when one doesn’t have needed resources, their self-esteem is very much impacted.

5. We also hope this effort will reduce vulnerability; because one won’t have to rely on people who usually take advantage of people who are in need. (When you have needs that are not met, in most instances you may resort to engaging in things that have very bad outcomes).

6. We hope this opportunity will reduce missed school days, thereby leading to improved marks.

A total of 1,539 pads were donated in the hopes of achieving the abovementioned. We once again commend Mascom for the continued contribution towards the communities in which they operate in and urge individuals and corporates to play a role in initiatives like this.