Mascom Launches Video On Demand

The world has taken a different approach to driving content and video on demand has been one way that has changed the landscape of the television world. One interesting platforms include subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services such as Amazon that have sent shockwaves through the broadcast world, as they gain millions of new viewers each year and produce ever more of their own award-winning content.


Mascom has now joined this elite group of video on demand content providers for one of the world’s most promising developing countries, Botswana. When speaking at the official launch of the Mascom MyPlay opportunity, The Masco Chief Executive Officer, Mr Jose Couceiro said that VOD will allow Batswana to access new technologies that will let people watch what they want on whatever device they want as a way of transforming traditional television viewing habits.


Mr Couceiro noted that now internet-enabled smart TVs are bridging the gap, and new technologies, such as this, are enabling viewers to beam content wirelessly from any connected device to their TV sets with relative ease.