For the love of the land

Usually the thought of farming conjures up images of dirty boots, greasy hands and a lot of sweat.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, according to former Voice staffer, Amanda Masire, 41.

In fact, the one time Advertising exec is living proof of that.

As the Francistowner rightly notes, the value chain is huge and there is much more to the industry than just turning soil upside down and throwing seeds under it!

After teaching English for a decade she grew tired of the day-to-day monotony and could no longer handle the new breed of students.

Fate also played its hand in the direction of Masire’s life when she lost her mother.

An only child, the sole support she had crumbled when her marriage failed leading to divorce.

It was a tough time but when she looks back it guided her to a life of service, religion, tranquility and farming.

In this interview with Archie Mokoka, Masire, now Chief Executive Officer of her own company, Greenhouse Technologies, talks about succeeding in a traditionally man’s vocation and helping new age farmers thrive.

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