Local artists to score big with JC

Music in Botswana has not always been the best profession but it has certainly been growing. The years have seen many people come into the profession on various levels, some producers, artists and promoters. The years have also seen many leave the profession pursuing new careers in totally different fields.

The additions in the music space have been so positive that even more opportunities are coming up. Younger artists are producing very good music attracting international talent. The internationally acclaimed Veezo has been on home ground firing up the local hip hop waves alongside other talented artists and this is just testament to that. Other artists across all genres have also pulled off great feats and made it out.

Gospel, among the other genres has also over the years seen many artists taking it up and promoters stepping it up. One of the country’s most experienced and phenomenal music promoters, Brave Heart, have been organising what they call the Life Changing Concert which will now be in it’s 4th year, in 2019. The concert is indeed life changing and there are many testimonies to that. The 2018 edition of the event saw a then unknown Master of Ceremonies command the event in a way that left many amazed. The MC himself was amazed and owes it all to Brave Heart for the life changing experience.

To further blow their trumpet on the great work they are doing through this event, Brave Heart organized a media briefing session where they shared an update on the 2019 event with local media houses. The event was well attended by various media representatives who asked what more the Life Changing Concert would bring more so for the local artists. When answering the question, Mr. Joe Manuel of Brave Heart said that they had what they desired to be surprise to the media, gospel artists and Batswana, a treat in partnership with Joyous Celebration. The treat is a gospel TV show aimed at unearthing Botswana gospel music talent and this show will be called Gospel Icon. “It will be similar to what Mr. Mkhize had in South Africa only we will now be in Botswana”, said Manuel, “and the winner will get an opportunity to join Joyous Celebration in their next recording and tour.”