Live art

There’s a thing about being first and that’s what Tsena is all about. Approximately three years ago there was no online community portal in Botswana and Tsena filled up that space. The slowly growing portal is offered free to all Mascom subscribers with an active internet connection.

This past weekend, Tsena, Botswana Online hosted the first ever Live Art competition at the 13th Mascom Derby, an annual horse racing event held in Maun. The Shashe Horse Track, event location for the Derby saw for the first time a set of pencil artists attend the event to showcase their skill live, from the morning of the event.

Tsena ran a call out for Ngamiland artists to submit their entries on the free platform in order to stand a chance to compete amongst other artists on the day. Three artist were eventually selected and they went against each other over a five hour period from morning until noon time. Prince Moyo, Robinson Morris and Motlogelwa Keaja were the selected artists, all experienced in different disciplines of art mainly paint work. They were provided with an aisle, drawing board, stool and a set of pencils, rubber and sharpener to take up their work. A sample picture was also provided which they were to replicate.

Come the five hour time lapse Prince Moyo has already finished his piece with Morris and Keaja running up behind him. The polls were open for the public from all over Botswana to vote for their best artwork. Prince Moyo emerged the victor with Morris and Keaja tied at second place. The art competition was a first for the Derby a welcome introduction by the artists.