Letshego Holdings Limited (Letshego Group) has officially launched the LetsGo Digital Mastery Programme at an event held at Masa Protea Hotel in Gaborone. This follows their recent recruitment campaign for 10 candidates across Botswana, where over 1,000 applicants applied for the programme.

Following the rigorous selection process of the candidates, 15 brilliant minds were announced for enrollment in the programme, comprising 10 members of the public and 5 Letshego employees from across its 11-country footprint. This is part of Letshego’s people-first strategy that aims to build future-fit communities where digital or tech is used as a strategic enabler for growth and economic development.

Qualifying applicants demonstrated foundational digital expertise, and a passion to expand their aptitude into digital financial skills and hands-on regional experience within the swiftly evolving financial sector. 

Letshego’s Group Chairman Enos Banda said,

“By 2100 one in three people will be African – this means that by the end of this century, our region, sub–Saharan Africa, will be home to almost half of the young people on the globe. Finding innovative ways to empower fellow Africans with digital and entrepreneurial skills will not only build future leaders, but also support future economic growth.”

Letshego applied a rigorous, multi-stage recruitment and evaluation process for more than 1000 applicants, finally narrowing down to the final 15 candidates.  Recruitment was managed by Letshego’s education and leadership training partner, ‘Fast Forward Innovation’ comprising a world-class approach with a series of exercises, tests and interviews. Psychometric assessments were used to provide measurable, objective data and a comprehensive view of suitability, enabling scientific credibility and objectivity in the selection process. This was followed by practical projects where candidates were introduced to Agile Methodology and tested on their digital ideas, personal planning and ability to deliver. Finally, the candidates were taken through a series of interviews with Letshego Executives to discuss potential, verify experience, qualifications, drive and Organisational fit. 

Letshego’s Interim Group Chief Executive Aupa Monyatsi added,            

“The LetsGo Digital Mastery Programme is a unique way we are extending the benefits of digital transformation outside of our organisation.  Through this programme we are supporting the Botswana Government’s objective to build a knowledge-based economy, as well as empowering individuals with entrepreneurial mindsets and skills to spur sustainable and innovative development to grow future leaders and benefit our nation.

The 18-month LetsGo Digital Mastery includes a practical learning sponsorship worth over P500, 000 per candidate to develop a digital business idea through training and practical learning. The candidates will gain expertise and become confident digital leaders with international exposure. At the end of the programme, the candidates will be enabled to grow innovative digital ideas from the sand-box and ideation phase to a minimum viable product and to grow and scale existing business ideas by harnessing digital technologies.