Kyle takes it home

It’s official, the festivities in Botswana have begun. The just ended National Independence holidays were the start of them and they just won’t come to an end. Mascom Wireless, has set it’s foot first in the market and it seems the company is set to dominate in this space until year end.

Mascom MyZaka, the leading telco’s mobile money service last month launched a Visa card swipe and win promotion and only a month in already gave away the first grand prize. The Mascom MyZaka Visa card, is stil new in the market and it’s positioning itself as thee kid in the block. The card looks like no other, with a blazing flame across it and the winners are sure proud of that.

Kyle Wame Tangani, the first winner though representing his father was the first in Botswana to win a VW Polo Beats through the competition. The car is a high end Polo version with a top of the line sound system by acclaimed music producer’s company Beats By Dre which partnered with VW to produce a sound system for it’s Polo brand of vehicles. The new promotion has four of these beautiful cars lined up for the next four months and the September car has just been given away.

The promotion however doesn’t only give away the Polo Beats but has daily and weekly prizes including cash which many Mascom MyZaka users stand to win as they transact with their card. There are three more cars to be won and loads of cash too so get your card now and get swiping!