Kitsong Centre does it for Taunyana

MAJWANAADIPITSE - Having tasted the hardships of life such as being raised in a crowded household, Ms Galenkgathe Taunyana’s desire has always been to grow up and lead a decent life.

The decent life would come to being provided she excelled academically.

However, her bubble popped when she garnered 25 points on Botswana General Certificate in Secondary Education examinations (BGCSE) at Letlhakane Senior Secondary School in 2009.

The Majwanaadiptse born knew that the 25 points could not qualify her for the course she wanted to
pursue, hence she went back home to regroup.

Like the Japanese saying that any road that starts smoothly leads nowhere, the rougher the start the grand ending, in 2014 God came through for her.

Mascom Wireless in partnership with government in a quest to bring internet access throughout Botswana started Kitsong Centre in Majwanaadipitse.

The Village Development Committee (VDC) was tasked with selecting a suitable young person to run the centre and Ms Taunyana’s name cropped up.

She was taken for a basic computer training course in Mahalapye and had to raise a startup capital to buy stock to sell in the centre and make profit for herself.

She scratched everywhere to ensure that she takes advantage of the opportunity likely to give her the life she always wanted, to live comfortably.

However, despite that mishaps such as break-ins almost thwarted her entrepreneurial pursuit.

“Late 2014, thieves broke into the centre and got away with a sum of P4 000, which I had deliberately
left due to fear of misplacing it at home,” she said.

She pointed out that the money was from the sales and services offered at the centre such as charging people’s cell phones and internet usage.

Kitsong Centre does it forTaunyana Business stock amounting to P1 500 was also stolen together with
Mascom airtime scratch cards, internet modems, cell phones and sim cards.

Fortunate enough the goods were recovered and the perpetrator who was an ex-convict was caught and brought to book.

Ms Taunyana said these breakins followed a certain pattern, whenever the centre was doing well, thieves would break in.

While a series of robberies occurred, Mascom Wireless came through for her by replacing what was stolen because their contract was still running.

She went through the trouble of carrying the stock home because there was no security at the centre.

Other challenges that posed a threat to Ms Taunyana’s hustle were slow network, which would hinder the airtime sales and consequently affect the stock that would bring turnover.

The budding entrepreneur had to wait for all the items to sell before she could go to Serowe to re-stock,
the arrangement that she found costly.

At 35, Ms Taunyana has no child because of her family arrangement. “I do not want to commit myself with a child because I have nothing to offer it.

I am suffering,” she stressed. She lives with her grandfather, father, her three siblings and their children, who survives from food hampers from the social welfare office, her small business returns and the grandfather’s pension.

For that she said she was indebted to Mascom and government’s initiative with the hope that it would one day enable her to live her dream.

Ms Taunyana, a part time poet started cherishing the craft in 2017, and true to her surname, is a hungry young lion eager to explore all opportunities at her disposal.

She gets invited to perform at weddings, parties and events in the village and the highest amount she cashed from poetry has been P4 000 from Companies and Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA) gig.

She competed at the just ended National Arts Festival competitions and scooped position one in Serowe, then proceeded to the regional competitions in Tutume, where she made top 20.

Despite growing up a shy person, life’s misfortunes made her give her God-given talent a go. BOPA