Kids Race For Change

Fan’Mo Sports Agency Director, Martin Fani, says they will host the Summer Kids Marathon that is poised to strike change in different communities in the country.

The event that is set to take place on April 23rd, 2022 is anticipated to raise the funds that will be used to buy school shoes for less privileged children in remote areas.

Responding to Voice Sport questions this week, Fani explained why they decided to host the event. “The essence of this event is to raise funds to buy 500 school shoes for less privileged kids chosen by local charity organizations around the country,” said Fani.

The Fan’Mo Sports Agency Director further said there will be different categories in this showdown.

“Even though we are still looking for a suitable venue which is less hazardous for the children’s safety, there will be different age categories that range from 13-15 years, 9-12, 8-5 and 4-3 which will be a walkathon. Registration fees will be ranging from P200.00 to P120. 00 and there will be no grand prize monies. Rather every kid who participated will be given a medal and T-shirts according to the colour of their age categories, “said the Fan’Mo Sports Agency Director.

Quizzed about any sponsors who are already on board, he said: “With regards to sponsors, we are still in talks with a few medical rescues and health workers so that when an unfortunate incident occurs, they can quickly deal with it. However, we still urge other companies to come on board and provide a helping hand to these kids as we’re slowly approaching the winter season and pupils will be expected to come to school.

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