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Dreamers Avenue to host workshop for creatives

Covid-19 has exposed the need for diversification in the local entertainment industry.

In light of this, Ontiretse Tshiamiso, the creative director of Dreamers Avenue who host a creative arts workshop on how big names were able to achieve diversification during difficult times.

The workshop will be held under the theme, ‘Where to from here?’

Explaining his concept, Tshiamiso said, “As Batswana, our industry is seriously struggling to dust itself off looking at the fact that during festive season it was hard for some of our talented acts, especially Hip-Hop artists to get booked as South African artists were given preference.”

Spearheading the event will be Slikour, the veteran rapper who also owns a media company called Slikour OnLife.

“Slikour is ideal because he was able to juggle between being a rapper and a businessman throughout the years. He is to share some knowledge with us Batswana by sharing the...Read full article at -

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