Ke spana ka thata ke Tinto!

BW’s entertainment space has been dominated by comedy since the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. Well since the lockdowns… Before then, we had various sources of entertainment from live concerts to outright chilling in pubs and restaurants.

Out of the nowhere the pandemic hit our land and we were closed in. The internet took over almost everything we knew from how we bought food to how we worked and lastly, to how we passed time. DJs took to social media to keep their followers entertained. To those without data or smart devices this was a problem. We have been in a constant and very fast evolution that we hadn’t planned for.

All these changes have meant more for entertainers. They have had to evolve and offer more to their followers. Those that had always been stage performers have now had to move their performances to the www. No wonder William Last K.R.M says “ke spana ka thata ke Tinto”, do you know what it means? We admit that we don’t either because it could mean a lot of things. One way, we think, would be that one works so hard as though a poor, struggling man. Working so hard to keep up with the demands of life and that’s what the song could be saying t at least that one line.

We took to the polls to ask what you think about this line, do you agree with it or not? Ke spana ka thata ke Tinto is liked by all our respodents. Yes, 100% of them said ee”, ba spana ka thata ke boTinto! From us to you all, keep working hard, le dire tiro ka marapo! Ti William Last K.R.M, thank you for the encouragement.

Pic: Wlliam Last KRM FB