Ke kgonne

Januworry, it’s a new word, an official for the toughest month ever! No one can dispute that. You may be at a point where you’ve figured out how to navigate it but at some point it must have dribbled you and scored. If you’re absolutely Boss and never experienced it, then you must have seen it from those around you.

More often, people struggle a lot around the month of January. There is a lot that would have happened in the month before that has a repercussions in the following month. The festivities of November and mostly December tend to get out of hand and many find themselves in a bad place financially. January also comes with a lot of responsibilities that aren’t usually taken care of during other months of the year but it. School fees and uniforms need to be paid and renewed.

For other people, the fun ha d throughout December is all they can think of and there is nothing else they have been doing. Switching back to work or school mode is not the easiest for these people and they struggle through the month. These people could also have the same financial problems as others, not able to even cover their groceries because of the recently ended festive season. Whichever of these it is and many others that we may have not covered here, January can easily turn into “Januworry”.

We took to the polls to ask you if this year’s January turned out the same way, if you managed to get through it. We did have a different type of December for as long as we can remember therefore it can’t be that bad, right? Well, turns out Covid didn’t change Januworry…75% of our respondents said that they didn’t get through Januworry easily while only 25% did. Come to think of it, the fact that they were able to respond to the poll means they are alive and however difficult it was, they made it out!