Karate appoints Jones IOC ambassador

Moses Jones has been appointed International Olympic Committee (IOC) ambassador for prevention of manipulation of competition.

Jones, who is a member of both the Botswana National Olympic Commission (BNOC)’s local organising committee and Athletes Commission, will be representing karate and his appointment has been approved by the World Karate Federation (WKF).

In an interview on Tuesday, Botswana Karate Association (BOKA) president, Tshepo Bathai said Jones’ role would be to detect ways that could be employed to cheat in a karate competition, adding that appointed officials have been taken through some courses to be in a position to spot ways that could be used to manipulate a competition.  “Equipped with such skills, they will be able to stop cheating at competitions,” he said.

Manipulation, Bathai said, could take many different forms such as an athlete intentionally losing in order to face an easier opponent in the next round of the tournament. He  also explained that anyone, such as a referee or technical official, could potentially manipulate an event, citing match fixing as an example.

He explained that Jones’ appointment was an opportunity for local karate, as he would be able to effectively and efficiently train local structures.

The BOKA president said Botswana would be known internationally, hence there would be no need for introductions when the country proposes something to international bodies in future.

He urged all stakeholders to support Jones in his new role.

For her part, BNOC acting chief executive officer, Wedu Motswetla said the appointment of any Motswana to any international sporting body was a great development for the country, as it meant that Botswana was represented.

The appointment, she said, positioned the country, sports associations and every local individual that might be appointed by any international sporting body, since they would have an idea of how Batswana operated.

Motswetla said BNOC would also benefit since Jones understands the situation at home and if something was not done properly locally, he would be there to guide the commission. ENDS

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