Jack of all trades

Since settling in Francistown in 2006, Saadia Rossenkhan has established herself as a driven lady, passionate about the plight of the city’s people.

Born in Lobatse to Mauritian parents, Rossenkhan has always been a city slicker, a flamboyant girl who in 2005 considered settling in Canada on her return from studying at the California State University in the United States.

That is until she set foot in the second capital of Botswana and fell in love with its laid back demeanor and the colourful Ikalanga culture.

A Clinical Audilogist by profession, she walks around with a self-made Ikalanga dictionary, and is well conversant in the language.

Now a married mother of twins and a respected entrepreneur, Rossenkhan, or ‘Phadza’ to her Kalanga friends, is in almost all the city’s major committees.

By her own admission this fitness fanatic is at times forced to cancel engagements and send her apologies when her schedules clash.

However, this mover and shaker is not about to slow down.

After months of trying, Voice Reporter, Kabelo Dipholo finally tracked her down to her office at Impex Fasteners and Tools for this interview.


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