Isuzu trains Kgalagadi drivers

Isuzu, an international car brand that has been in Botswana since the 1990s is still going strong and stamping their presence throughout Botswana. The car brand that is sold by Motor Holdings Botswana, a local vehicle dealership had stepped out to the Kgalagadi district for some customer engagement and training.

The Kgalagadi district has some of the fiercest terrain in Botswana that only the fiercest vehicles can traverse. There cannot be an ordinary car with an ordinary driver behind it who can cut across the sandy soils of the Kgalagadi. The area is made up of tonnes of sand dunes which calls for specialized vehicles to make your way around the place. Isuzu, through Motor Holdings Botswana has been servicing their Kgalagadi clientele with capable 4x4 vehicles that had for some time failing the people.

This past week, sales executive Mr. Benny Motswakae, a seasoned driver and sales person in the Isuzu brand offering drove out to Kgalagadi to engage with the Kgalagadi district drivers on their Isuzu fleet. The drivers had been finding it very difficult to drive through the sand dunes with their trucks and pick up vehicles making it difficult to deliver on their tasks. The two day training session was led by Mr. Motswakae who demonstrated the cars’ capabilities to the drivers and also gave them an opportunity to do what he did. The session saw the drivers well equipped with knowledge and experience on how best to use their cars to serve the people of Kgalagadi.