Improving lives through ICT

Information, Communication and Technology or commonly known as ICT is a global Phenom with morphing capabilities unlike any other thing the world has seen. It used to be something that only the most developed of nations experienced and enjoyed, with only the well-travelled enjoying it even more.

There has not been, at least to the knowledge of most, a commodity in the world that has grown to the levels of ICT. It was at one point a luxury but has now joined the ranks of necessities such as water, electricity and other key infrastructure such as roads and sewage systems. Botswana is not far behind in the world of ICT and it’s uptake is growing in double digit numbers. The number of internet access service providers has been growing over the years and government too has partnered with some to ensure increased roll out countrywide. It is these efforts together with commemorations of days like World Telecommunication and Information Society Day that will make the country a better place, growing appreciation of ICT services countrywide.

Sefhare, a village in the Tswapong region of the Central District hosted the 2019 WTISD commemorations and the nation’s President, His Excellency Dr. Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi honoured the event and gave an encouraging word to the people of Sefhare, Botswana and the World thank to ICT connectivity. His Excellency made mention of the many projects they have as the government that are centered around ICT. He also referenced the theme of the WTISD 2019 which is “bridging the standardization gap” which they are committed to achieve as government hence commemorating the day as is international practice in most countries.

The President also gave numerous examples of how ICT will improve the lives of Batswana through increased and easy connectivity, irrelative of location, income level and education. He gave an example of a husband and wife that would be able to stay in touch with each other even though working and living in two different places. This example included the husband being able to appreciate the gifts he would’ve bought for his wife and all this alluding to the benefits of ICT.

At last, His Excellency spoke to a burning issue in the lives of Batswana, one of income generation and how ICT can help in that regard. His reverse example may not have been what the people expected although relevant, a key selling point in ICT service providers. The President spoke of how the people can get to save money through ICT as it makes things easier. He gave an example of how a Malome can direct the proceedings if his nephews magadi without having to travel long distances which is costly, rather, he can video call his family members and still achieve the task. This, said the President, would easily reduce expenses from P2 500.00 to P 200.00, all thanks to ICT.