If only I played alongside him

We all carry dreams and do all we can to live them but at times fate has it otherwise…The closure of 2020 was in no way easier than the year itself. As many lost their jobs and businesses others lost their lives. Not all because of the pandemic but it was a loss nonetheless.

The world, not football, lost a legend. A man who in his 60 years of life did things that even Nations haven’t been able to do in Centuries. Diego Maradona was one of the best Football players to have ever lied. He graced television screens the world over and displayed his God given talent unlike the World had seen. Even to date, there are many that believe that there aren’t any Football players or legends who are at par with Maradona.

He has gone down in history as a man who single handedly influenced a World Cup title and actually won it, “by himself” for his country, Argentina. The presence of Diego Maradona on the football pitch was both a scare and an inspiration. To face him was no welcome thing from many though they did. His skill at the sport was beyond excellent yet so effortless for the Argentine. He had young and old footballers alike aspiring to play like him.

Our very own local and international football star, Diphetogo ‘Dipsy’ Selolwane, shares the exact same memories of Diego Armando Maradona. He says he still dreams of Maradona and carries his memories in his heart. He had never gotten an opportunity to meet his best Football legend but really dreamt of it. “I have never shared a space with Maradona”, he said, “and how I wish I had”. When asked what his choice would be if he had the was to play with or against him, his first response was “why would anyone want to play against Maradona?” I would rather play with him, to watch and learn from him. "No one will ever be like Maradona."