I still believe

Faith is a very powerful force in the world. It goes beyond religion as most could have placed it. Faith is loosely defined as the ability to believe in something or someone. It is an intangible act that can be proven by both the seen and unseen.

A person who has faith believes and the one that doesn’t believe doesn’t have it. A believer is someone with a very strong conviction of something regardless of whether it is true or not. A person can believe in something that doesn’t yet exist and is truly false, but still go by it. Entrepreneurs are people who exercise great faith as they venture into their businesses. Religious people are also very strong believers in their Deities.

There is however something that a lot of live by. A thing that we get to see though intangible and exercise. Our different life experiences have affected the way we look at it yet we are all a product of it and this thing is “Love”. We are all brought to this earth by an act of love and it is something we live by. Many of us don’t get it or enjoy it as we grow up while others grow up in it and miss it as they get older. We try to search it out in each other and celebrate it together but at times our efforts are lost.

More often than not, love is something we look for in the opposite sexes. A man goes after a woman he loves and a woman accepts, as has been tradition, the man she loves. We then get into relationships and time goes by. For some, these are blissful until death does them part. If anything is off it likely would be because of an external influence which they would both stand against. Others do the same only to be disappointed by the other by being cheated on or people just not meeting their expectations.

As complicated as this topic could be, we took to our polls in ending the month of love and asked if people still believed in love. The feedback from our respondents show how torn apart the world is. 50% of the respondents still believe in it while the remaining 50% don’t believe in it anymore.