I saved a life

There’s lot to be proud of in life, every good thing we do is worthy of praise. We don’t always get to do things we are proud or that other people apart from ourselves could be proud of but we do sometimes. Every time that happens, celebrate!

A few weeks ago, the year began with the revelation that we are all at danger of dying due to a lack of blood. Yes, a lack of blood can lead to death and it happens in different ways. When one is anemic, they lose a lot of blood and are at risk of losing their life. The same applies to those that find themselves in situations that cause them to lose blood, people in fights, car and other accidents. They at times become so severe that their veins get raptured and blood flows out of their bodies.

Blood is a very important component of the body. It is transport system for all the essentials that the body needs. Every organ inside the human body has blood flowing in it. The heart pumps the blood to all parts of the body while the others make use of this blood. The air we breathe has oxygen in it and the body carries it to all body cells through blood. When we eat and drink water, the body digests the food and distributes the nutrients in them through the blood.

These examples show the importance of blood and to the scary revelation we had when the year began that the ;national blood bank was empty, the 2020 Class of Forbes 30 Under 30 took it upon themselves to mobilise the public to donate blood and save lives. The drive took 4 days and multitudes in the southern region of the country went out to donate. To everyone who donated blood then and after, you have done well, you have saved a life.