Goo Moremi Gorge - significant cultural and spiritual beliefs

Goo‐Moremi Gorge near Palapye in Botswana is a highly sensitive area with the Batswapong community who associate it with significant cultural and spiritual beliefs.

The Gorge hosts breeding sites for various bird species, including the endangered Cape Vultures, and forms a unique vegetative habitat, which is spectacular to explore on foot with one of our National Museum Guides.

Situated within the Tswapong Hills in the Central District of Botswana, Goo Moremi is well known for powerful spiritual centiments that range from praying for rain and healing of evil spirits. 

The system of praying for rain by Batswapong according to one of the guides at the Gorge was known as Dikomana. Batswapong believe that their ancestors live in the hills and when there was no rain the communities would converge at the kgotla then head to the hills where there was a cave. Led by the chief as well as the elderly, they would carry seeds and other things meant to appease the ancestors.

Once at the entrance of the cave the entourage would stop and hand over the seeds to the elderly who would enter with utmost respect and dignity murmuring their pleas to the ancestors. Outside the cave the rest of the community would remain silent. Inside the cave would be the dikomana, that refers to two drums that are used as instruments when worshipping badimo.