The golden-hearted giver

Philanthropist Gorata Phakedi felt she had no choice but to quit her job in the Delta when it conflicted with ‘what she does best’ – helping those in need.

The golden-hearted 32-year-old Mabutsane native has contributed immensely to her community through her charitable works.

She has big plans to do even more in the future.

In this interview with Voice Reporter, KABELO ADAMSON, Phakedi highlights both the hardships and joys in running One Another Charitable Society (OACS), an organisation that is moving mountains despite little financial muscle and no sponsors.

What inspired you to establish a charitable organisation?

This came after the realisation that Mabutsane is a small village and we were all well raised by our parents.

We asked ourselves what we were doing to say thank you to our village!
The idea is to leave behind a legacy because in the end we are going to leave this world.

It doesn’t make sense to earn a lot of money which is only for your satisfaction yet someone next to you is suffering.

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