Ghetto’s finest

He is easy to spot from a crowd.

Alpha Timothy Nchenje is never the one to blend in if it's not his colorful striking outfit, it is his bubbly personality that’ll always make him the center of attraction.

Just like his name, he’s strong, powerful, and likes to be in charge.

It is his strong character that makes the 26 –year- old Francistown native one of the young movers and shakers who’s definitely headed to the top.

In fact, it took the outbreak of Covid-19 to stop the media personality and aspiring actor from relocating to South Africa for an acting role on the popular telenovela, Gomora.

In this interview the self-styled and opinionated Nchenje fields questions from Voice Staffer, Kabelo Dipholo.

Q. In the last couple of years, you’ve grown both as a person and an entrepreneur. Please tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

Alpha Timothy Nchenje is a Francistown native, who did his entire primary and senior school education in the second capital.

I come from a family of 10 and I’m the sixth born of Mr. and Mrs. Nchenje.

Timothy is an energetic and opinionated individual.

I’m the world’s best friend.

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