Flowers For All Occasions

Friends join forces as florists

For many, 14 February means just one thing: Valentine’s Day.

The day dedicated to love returns this Monday as couples worldwide look to spoil their partners with special presents.

While chocolates, jewellery and cuddly toys feature highly in the gift-giving, flowers traditionally dominate the day.

For Gaborone-based florists, Emeldah Baeti, 34, and Pauline Sadie Morolong, 42, this is their time to shine.

Specialising in flower arrangements for all occasions, the duo are the proud owners and founders of SPK Florist.

The two ladies first met as employees at a local florist. It proved to be the beginning of a blossoming friendship and ultimately a blooming business.

“We instantly became friends; I was an administrator there, while Morolong was already a florist. We noticed that we were the ones who were pulling strings in the company so we decided to start our own baby, dubbed ‘SPK’,” explains Baeti.

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