Fergusons inspire local film makers

Botswana’s television exports to South Africa, Shona Ferguson and his wife Connie, have advised local film producers to shift focus from producing content from their own pockets then selling to broadcasters, but to rather try the route of commissioned content.

“To be honest producing content from your own pocket is too risky. I get the sense that is what is being done here, but I would advise that you take the route of commissioned products, where you sell the rights to certain broadcasters,” Shona Ferguson said.

Ferguson who is also the finance director at Ferguson Films, explained that in the event of commissioned content, the production company creates a budget for a show with every single line item identified and it is then given to the broadcaster, who approves and pays the production company.

In that process, Ferguson explained, the important thing is that the production company takes all the risk and liability, which means that the company takes responsibility for everything that might go wrong.


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