Enole Ditsheko in New York; ‘We love you Mr President’

Masisi interacts with Batswana living in the US

Disembark the subway train at the Grand Central located at Lexington Avenue and 42nd Street in downtown Manhattan, and you are in the busiest “Times Square”, whose landmarks include The New York Times.

The area is also home to the Broadway stage where live performances are held no matter the hour of the day.

Head east, four blocks and turn right in between the Lexington and Third avenues, but don’t jog or you might miss the address 154 on your right.

The Botswana Permanent Mission to the United Nations is housed at this address, and in there, a reverberating voice of an impassioned leader is piercing the reception area into the 46th Street, where on both sides, cars are packed like sardines in a can.

The organizers received 78 confirmations for this Sunday afternoon event but have run out of chairs after nearly 110 people, some travelling from as far as Washington D. C., Pennsylvania, upstate New York, Maryland, and Atlanta teemed in.

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