The Electronic troubleshooter

A gift that unearthed a hidden talent Me and My Business

It all started when his sister who lived abroad sent him an iPhone configured to only work with a UK network.

Today Alan Mojaboswa, 35, runs his own multi-purpose venture, Esens Studio, based in Kollenberg Building at Gaborone Main Mall with his business partner, Pedi Muvinga.

The duo offer technology repairs, graphic design services, fashion and model marketing, photography, insurance, investment and risk assessment.

Apart from fixing and configuring phones, Mojaboswa is also a gifted DJ and has worked with acclaimed local artists such as Zeus.

It was while he was trying to make his iPhone compatible with all networks that he discovered he had a gift to manipulate software. He also discovered he could fix phones after taking the smart phone apart and putting it back together.

After a bit of marketing on social media and distributing fliers, he was fixing and troubleshooting phones.


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