Mascom Top8 gives back to Orapa community

Mascom Top8 fever is at it’s peak as the tournament is at semifinals stage. Only four out of eight teams are left in the prestigious league and this weekend the mining rivals go against each other in the second leg. Orapa United and Jwaneng Galaxy, both former winners go up for a spot at the finals.

The semifinals come in with a new addition from the massive sponsor, Mascom Wireless, with a CSR initiative is focused at the community development in all the areas that the teams come from. Orapa United, by virtue of it’s name hails from the mining town of Orapa in the central district and the first of eight CSR donations began with them. According to the sponsor, the team selected their preferred beneficiary and Supang Memorial Primary School in Letlhakane was the Ostriches pick.

Wen engaged on why they chose to take up a CSR initiative such as this alongside such a massive sponsorship the company’s representative, Mr. Tirelo Kooagile said that “it is an extension of our sponsorship and we hope to further develop sport even at grass roots level. We would like to see students of Supang Primary School grow to play for Orapa United, the National Team and Internationally.” The impact of the tournament is impressive but they would like to take it further.

Supang Memorial Primary School received a football team kit comprising shirts, shorts, socks, footballs and nets for use during their football tournaments locally.