Drought to be declared

Crop failure of over 50 percent expected #country’s livestock face decimation

The 2018/19 ploughing season is expected to be declared a drought, as high temperatures cause crop failures across the country.

It is predicted the anticipated drought will impact severely on food security at household level, which is believed will be worse than the previous year.

Addressing a press conference this week, Minister of Agricultural Production and Food Security, Patrick Ralotsia explained this means the country will continue to rely on importation of key food commodities to address the deficit – resulting in an increase in the import bill.

For the 2018/19 ploughing season, the Minister estimates the planted area to be considerably lower than the previous season.

“This is because most of the crops planted are stunted and already showing signs of wilting while others have reached permanent wilting which translates to zero harvests,” declared Ralotsia, who gloomily forecast crop failure of over 50 percent across all planted areas.


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