Don't worry

It’s a mess, an utter mess but still don’t worry…

The government is like a parent and when Daddy tells you not to worry, do just that don’t worry. However, what we have happening on the ground is something else.

Right now, the country is in a Covid-19 crisis ad since it began, we have been told not to worry. Since the weekend, there is now a fuel crisis or is there really? Well the government came out during the weekend and said there is communication making rounds that there is no fuel in the neighbouring countries. This was false, according to the Permanent Secretary representing the authorities. None the less, the shortage was there.

The situation was said to be stable by Monday, beginning of the week but that still isn’t the case. It is almost midweek now and the situation still stands. Filling stations across the country, or at least Greater Gaborone according to the Covid-19 zones are. People seem to have missed work and are now out here waiting for fuel for their cars. Cars are parked on road sides without fuel. Others have filled up and confident that they have enough.

It’s a bad situation, anyone can see that but remember what the parent said, “Don’t worry”, it’s not what it seems. Plus, we got reserves.