District profiling planning, investment tool - official

District profiling has been labelled an important tool useful  for guiding development planning and investment.

Addressing the ongoing full session of the Kgatleng District Council on September 26, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development’s Mr Kentse Raphukula said the profile document gave comprehensive insight into all variables of a locality.

He said it would encapsulate population and development variables among them demographic, social, economic and environmental factors.

Population and development profiles started in Chobe in 2009 followed by Ghanzi in 2010 with the same districts profiled again in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

He said this year, the fourth generation profiles would be carried out in the North East and Kgatleng districts guided by the 2018 profiling manual.

The principal economist said profiles were important as they promoted disaggregation of data and provided avenues to share development outputs.

In addition, he said profiles showcased district peculiarities and comparative advantages, unpacked investment opportunities thus supporting local economic development processes.

He said it also created awareness on district demographic, socio-economic and environmental characteristics, promoted evidence-based planning and also sought to reinforce research activities.

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