Dissecting the DIS

‘The career civil servant’, Edward Robert, who this September was appointed the first-ever Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the country’s most feared organisation, Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS), is on a mission to change the nation’s mindset regarding his new employer’s.

Robert, a Tonota native, who for the last eight years was an editor of government-owned newspaper, Daily News, tells FRANCINAH BAAITSE about his new job and sheds some light on a body shrouded in secrecy.

Q. Congratulations on your appointment. How does it feel, working for the most feared organisation in the country?

A. Feared? By who? I am not too sure about that.

Newspapers carry a lot of strongly-worded opinion pieces on us. Some callers on radio phone-in programmes have the most uncomplimentary comments about DIS.

And I don’t sense any fear in that!

They speak about us the way they would any government organisation in this democratic Republic.


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