Dictating her destiny

With close to 200, 000 unemployed citizens searching for work in a country with a population slightly over two million, competition in Botswana’s job market is getting tougher by the day.

According to the latest report from Statistics Botswana, of the 194, 990 seeking jobs, 100, 000 are women.

It is against this backdrop that Keatametse Medupe, a hard-working Motswana woman, decided to set up a small curio business in Maun to relieve the stress of looking for employment where 68, 000 people have given up the search.

“I came to Maun in 2017 to join my husband who was already working here. As you know, jobs are hard to get. I had to look around and decide on the kind of business that would help me to meaningfully contribute to the family income. I settled for a curio shop,” explains the 44-year-old mother-of-two, who started her enterprise in May 2017.

Medupe had enough capital to rent and stock up a small stall besides Tshilli café (opposite Nhabe Musuem) a favourite chilling-spot with tourists.

“I started small because I was still learning the market and kept expanding as the business improved.”

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