Deloitte Learn to Play

Deloitte, through its WorldClass Program, which aims to make an impact one future at a time, and reach a goal of impacting one hundred million futures by 2030 donating $20 000 (Twenty thousand US Dollars) to Learn to Play, with an intent to impact 9000 individuals.


Learn To Play is a social enterprise, with a mission is to build community-driven, culturally relevant & sustainable early childhood interventions that are high impact, low-cost & built for scale to reach as many children as possible, in villages across Botswana. Through their playgroups and parenting programmes, they have successfully improved early childhood education and, also provided better health and child protection, including women’s economic opportunities through their Mamapreuner Initiative.


Deloitte, believes that the greatest societal impact is when professionals use their skills and expertise to help people to develop job skills, improve educational outcomes, and access opportunities to succeed in this new economy. Deloitte’s global WorldClass ambition is to support 100 million people by 2030. By aligning around a common goal and mission and, focusing its resources and efforts to make a meaningful impact on a shared challenge worldwide. In Africa, the strategic pillars under Deloitte’s WorldClass initiative are Agriculture, Education and Entrepreneurship.


“WorldClass is one of way that our organisation is living our ‘Purpose Beyond Profit’, by making an impact that matters, one future at a time. Botswana, we were clear on who our beneficiary would be from the onset, considering that Learn to Play’s mandate cuts across two of our strategic pillars, being Education and Entrepreneurship” said Simon Hirschfeld, Director at Deloitte.


The $20 000 donation will go towards building a covered and closed play area in Kavimba with a storeroom, open kitchen and a vegetable garden to promote organic & healthy eating in the community. The donation will further enable Learn to play to reach their mission of building community-driven, culturally relevant and sustainable early childhood interventions.


Priyanka Handa Ram, Founder of Learn to Play, stated that more than 175 million children –nearly half of all pre-primary-age children globally – are not enrolled in early childhood education programmes. In Botswana, this figure is even more staggering – less than 20% of children have access to quality early learning opportunities.


“By the year 2050 almost one in three of the world’s children under 18 will be African. The children of African women with at least five years of schooling have a 40 percent higher chance of survival – and this critical gap begins in the earliest years of brain development and learning. We know that 90% of a child’s brain develops by the time they are 5 years old – and research proves that it is imperative to invest in Early Childhood programmes to break cycles of poverty, crime, and illiteracy”.


Ram expressed gratitude to Deloitte for recognising the urgency of investing in Botswana’s children – as they carry our future. For Learn To Play, this means scaling their impact to transform thousands of childhoods across Botswana.


Together, Learn to Play & Deloitte are committed to building a brighter and sustainable Botswana by uplifting one community at a time.