Creativity unleashed

Creativity is an easy thing one would say but have they done it. Those that live and master it can easily say that and have results to show it. It’s shown in art, fashion, design and even in businesses as innovation.

Mascom Wireless, Botswana’s most innovative telecommunications company does not only keep creativity within it’s offices but also takes it out and expects it of all those that participate in activities. This is all visible in the various engagements they have and the manner with which they carry them out. This week, the innovative telecommunications company was in Sefhare, Central District commemorating the World Telecommunications and Information Society Day 2019 and they just had to fuse in creativity in their activities. The company sponsored the Miss World Telecommunications and Information Society Day and had a Miss Creativity run. The run called for the young girls to create their own outfits from decommissioned Mascom branding, an effort for the company to exercise its green corporate social responsibility objectives.

Of the old branding, the young girls put together a custom outfit to their liking and they are given an opportunity to parade it before the panel of judges. The outfits the young girls came up with are world class, unlike most of what many may have seen. From evening like gowns to outdoor onesies all in yellow. At the end of it all the judges elected their most creative contestant and crowned her Miss Creativity. It’s not everyone who is creative enough to make it above the rest, creativity was unleashed but only one could take it, only one took it. Welldone MyTunez!