Creating her own luck

The only girl in a family of boys, Tsame grew up spoilt by her brothers and hardly imagined a time she would need to fend for herself away from her loving family.

However in 2008, the girl from Tonota with a protected childhood was hit by a reality check when she was suddenly thrust into a whole big new world when she arrived in the UK to pursue her MBA studies as a self sponsored student.

“ The first six months were a nightmare, I honestly hated it. Nothing seemed normal. The icy weather, environment, language, culture; everything was foreign and unsettling Talk about understanding how a fish must feel out of water. I was in the deep end and had to swim or sink,” she says.

Eleven years later she remembers someone telling her that if she can live in London, she can definitely live anywhere else in the world. “I cannot emphasis how true that statement is,” she says.

Explaining how she survived in a fast paced environment Hopkins says she was clear on the rules of engagement right from the beginning.


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