Crafting your wellness

Back in 2015, while working for a wellness consultancy, 33-year-old Moitshepi Malebye and Izwani Matsapa, 30, didn’t feel well at all.

Realising the irony of their situation, they decided it was time to ‘do it their way’.

“We got very stressed because we realised that though we were working for a wellness company we weren’t well ourselves! The customers were also not getting any value in their lives so we decided to come up with something that would rejuvenate the body, mind and soul and relieve stress,” explains Malebye, speaking from the pair’s wellness and stress relief parlour on Nyerere Drive opposite Middle Star shopping complex.

Self Craft Health and Wellness is a company that provides wellness events for corporate and government departments. The dynamic duo also offer stress relief through massages, foot detox, manicure, pedicure, yoga, hand and nail treatment as well as facial treatment among others.

Malebye sheepishly tells Voice Money the venture endured a difficult start as neither her nor long-term friend Matsapa had not saved up for it.


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