Could Batanani be the beginning of Race walking in BW?

Race walking is a sport that is highly recommended by it’s followers and athletes, and practiced in certain parts of the world. For someone who does not know the sport, it would appear as though a piece of comedy that one could watch for hours.

Athletes of different ages, sizes, races gather for these international races and go at it for hours as if in a marathon. The shortest distances for race walking are much longer than what sprint runners do so it is no child’s play. The sport is said to have massive health benefits and gives the opportunity to exercise one’s entire body, impacting every single muscle that the human body has which most sports can’t do.

The case of race walking can certainly be justified by it’ promoters and following the recently Mascom Batanani Charity Walk perhaps there are some oblivious followers of the sport locally and possibly athletes for it. The Mascom Batanani Walk, which will hopefully be scheduled again for next year, saw some participants running through the walk route instead of just walking. Those that felt competitive would find themselves speed walking throughout the route to maintain their lead from those behind them.

Could this charity walk be the introduction of race walking in Botswana or it was just oblivity and ignorance that had the participants running instead of walking?