A company that holds onto it’s word

Today’s world is full of untruths and half-truths that are so common many don’t know the truth anymore. Promises are broken to communities, families, and children alike. Beacons of hope are reducing by the day.

Today, Mascom has gone against that grain. As a local, leading telecommunications service provider it has held true to it’s promise of assisting the Orphaned and Vulnerable communities in Botswana. The company has been on this quest for the longest time and consistently so over the past years in hosting an annual Christmas party for these children in various places in the country. They have covered villages such as Kuke, Maunatlala, Gamodubu, Thabala and this year, Lokgwabe.

When giving her welcome remarks, the Lokgwabe Primary School Head Teacher, Ms. Mogotsi reminded the event attendants that Mascom was in the area earlier this year in March together with Botswana Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, BOCRA. It was at this event that Mascom pledged to come back to Lokgwabe and make a difference in the lives of Lokgwabe Primary School children.

Mascom has fulfilled this promise and held on to their word. They returned to the school and held a Christmas party in honour of their word, giving toys and Christmas clothes to the students. The students also got school uniform for the coming year, stationery and a bucket full of toiletries for themselves. We truly need companies that hold onto their word to make a difference, promises they have given us.