Commercial ranches, arable farms up for grabs soon

Commercial pastoral ranches and NAMPAAD commercial arable farms in the Kweneng District will soon be available for eligible citizens following their demarcation and surveying.

Kweneng Land Board chairperson Mr Moemedi Babitseng said on July 8 during the land board’s July sitting that the surveyed maps of the farms had been approved by the Department of Surveys and Mapping.

He further briefed the board that the invitation to tender was currently being drafted.

Mr Babitseng said the KW6 area had produced 20 ranches of varying sizes, ranging between 3 308 hectares including one game ranch, four small stock ranches and 15 cattle ranches.  

Regarding the cattle ranches, he explained that five out of  15  were already occupied because they were demarcated in an area where some Batswana had been allocated livestock boreholes.

“However, they will be given an opportunity to convert them to ranches as per the national agricultural fencing policy,” he said.

He said four ranches would be reserved for communities living in the area thereby leaving six ranches vacant for any eligible Motswana to try their luck.

As for the commercial arable farms, a total of 27 farms had been surveyed...

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